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Service support
  • Kratos objective
    Customer should the good faith is supreme
  • Service spirit
    Customer satisfaction after all
  • Business philosophy
    Keep improving quality
  • Service tenet
    Keep improving quality
Export trade
The main sales areas: the country; Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. East Asia; Southeast Asia; The Middle East.
Service category
Specialized is engaged in imports of screw air compressor sales, accessories, leasing, maintenance, energy saving transformation installation professional after-sales service company.
Qualification certificate
The company has "qualification certificate" and other production and technical qualification certificate!
After-sale protection
Feedback customer, starts from me, in the heart sentient beings, customer concerned; With our enthusiasm, love, care, sincerity, in exchange for your good, rest assured, happy, at ease.
About us
Wuxi kratos technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in import sales screw air compressor, accessories, leasing, maintenance, energy-saving retrofit installation professional after-sales service company, the company to "customer satisfaction, excellence" for the purpose, system maintenance, long-term commitment to air compressor has the perfect and reliable technology, perfect service system, so as to give customers' ' 'best' technical support.

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Address:Wuxi new district spinning city road no. 288 C31 microcomputer

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